Wednesday, 15 May 2013

a resonator and small jumbo guitar

A couple of new ones...

First up is the return of the Terz guitar, in a 14 fret resonator form. It'll be all sycamore; back, sides, top, neck and binding. The cone is hand spun by Beard Guitars in the US of A and is the smallest one they make. Cramming everything into such a small body is an interesting challenge but great fun!

Next is a custom guitar shape; a small jumbo in... mostly cocobolo. The soundboard is Sitka spruce and the neck is laminated lacewood, back sides, fingerboard, bridge, headstock veneers (front and back) and laminations are cocobolo. To buck the trend the bindings are ebony.

The neck is joining the body at the 13th fret, there will be a sound port, only 16 frets... should be a nice one!


  1. The SJ looks very interesting indeed.

    Will it be a 16 inch body?

    Is it your first sound port?

  2. Thanks Cap'n C. Yes it'll be a 16" body at the lower bout... Feels big but small at the same time, and the soundport is a first for me. I'm really interested to hear the difference, it'll have a stopper so the customer can close the hole up

  3. It looks fantastic.

    I'm a big fan of the SJ body, eg Guild Guitars a few of their models have a body shape along those lines and for some (including myself) I find them more comfortable than other body shapes. In terms of sound I think they can produce the bass of a dreadnaught in addition to the comfort/variable tonal nature of a OM.

    Also they look 'rubenesque' like the UK's national treasure Nigella Lawson.

    I'm rabbiting on....

    PS It's Earwighoney from the other forums (my 'real' name is Shubs, I sent you a email back a while back)

  4. Ah hi Earwighoney, I remember you.

    This is the first small jumbo I've built, so it is conjecture but I am hoping for (just like you said) the bass response of a big ol' dread but with the complexity of a smaller, curvier guitar.

    I guess the curves are a bit more emphasised on this guitar- much rather rubenesque than cubist!

  5. Curves are important for some things but not for everything.

    Things which they are very important for include fruit (a square orange would be unacceptable), things which they are undesirable include rulers and backbones.

    Is it also the first guitar you've done a laminated neck? Do the laminates require gluing for each layer?

    Looking forward to seeing the guitar come on...