Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ok, another guitar rolls off the factory production line! This Oxwich was picked up on Tuesday by its new happy owner. Its a lovely little thing with a big sound and heart. The brief, as I mentioned in the last post waaay back in october was to make a guitar using local, Welsh timber where possible. For the most part I succeded in sourcing Welsh woods, apart from the soundboard; softwood in Britain grows too fast to be of any use for instrument makers. 
The real revelation in this build was using bog oak for the fingerboard and bridge. Bog oak has been sat in the ground for anywhere up to tens of thousands of years, the older it is, the closer to petrified it becomes, the piece I used on this guitar still felt very much like oak to work, just jet black but the beautiful medullary rays found in oak very much on show. I look forward to using bog oak again...  If anymore gets ploughed  up in the local fields.

Many Thanks to Stephanie Davies for laser cutting out the Rosette and my heastock logo in wood, it's turned out lovely!