Wednesday, 4 December 2013

New workshop!

Well, after four and a half years in my workshop I have completely outgrown it, I have been climbing over guitar cases and piles of wood  to get to anything or do any work.

I have just moved into a much larger workshop in Abergavenny, about 7 miles from my old workshop. Once I have everything in order, it will be a nicer experience for me to work in and for others to visit, some nice pictures will follow when I get some more benches up and get everything in order.

The new address is;

Lower ground floor,
The old Workhouse

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

a resonator and small jumbo guitar

A couple of new ones...

First up is the return of the Terz guitar, in a 14 fret resonator form. It'll be all sycamore; back, sides, top, neck and binding. The cone is hand spun by Beard Guitars in the US of A and is the smallest one they make. Cramming everything into such a small body is an interesting challenge but great fun!

Next is a custom guitar shape; a small jumbo in... mostly cocobolo. The soundboard is Sitka spruce and the neck is laminated lacewood, back sides, fingerboard, bridge, headstock veneers (front and back) and laminations are cocobolo. To buck the trend the bindings are ebony.

The neck is joining the body at the 13th fret, there will be a sound port, only 16 frets... should be a nice one!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Calling Colin...

Bit of an unusual post here...

If Colin Owen is reading this, your P bass body is finished but the phone number you gave me is missing a digit so I can't get in touch to let you know!

Give me a ring when you see this... if you see it, or if anyone knows Colin please let him know!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Well done Bob

A big congratulations to Bob who, after more years than he cares to remember, has been coming to my workshop to build his own guitar and here are the fruits of his labour. Sitka soundboard, reclaimed mahogany back, sides and neck, ebony bridge, fingerboard, headstock veneer and binding.

The mahogany was originally a cupboard door from an old chest that was being thrown out. Turns out is was  a beautiful piece of 'hog that Bob had resawn at a local joinery (who have a bigger and better bandsaw than me) and voila... Pretty good no?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ok, so I haven't updated this blog in a while but the two guitars are finished and another is well on it's way...

Here's the first;

A 12 fret Cilgerran in Carpathian spruce and Cocobolo rosewood... and 6.5 metres of abalone purfling!! Its tone is opening up nicely. It already has the clarity and resonance you'd expect from rosewood and spruce  with great balance of tones... and it's sparkly.

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling!

On to to the Oxwich. This one is already winging it's way across Europe to it's new home in Austria. The combination of Cedar and Walnut makes for a beautiful picker which has more volume than you'd expect from such a wee beastie.

There's something about 12 fret guitars that I absolutely love. Maybe its the balance, the body length, the bridge placement, but it just works really well... In my opinion anyway.

On to the next.

Another Oxwich, this time in Sitka pruce and Walnut. Built using native woods where possible, the guitar is Celtic themed, so I am using my knotwork rosette and coupling it with a very ornate set of purfling from Petros guitars. The neck is sycamore, fingerboard is bog oak, binding is oak and the headstock veneer is a bookmatched piece of Burl Yew from a local churchyard.

This guitar will also have some Welsh script etched with a laser cutter onto the soundboard thanks to Steph at who does great work and also makes my knotwork rosettes and wooden logos