Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A little update to the Terz guitar; it's coming along very well, only the frets and logo to go on before lacquering (and a LOT of sanding). To avoid tearing the grain when routing the binding ledges I give the edges of the body a coat of shellac, it also stops glue sticking to the bits of wood where you don't want it.
binding and purfling ledges routed out

Using masking tape to hold purfling in place while the glue dries

Koa binding with a very thin strip of maple to stand it out from the mahogany sides

Ziricote headstock veneer, koa binding with maple and dyed maple purflings, tuners will be Waverleys, fancy!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nothing guitary to show this time I'm afraid, I just want to show off my new tool/ gadget/ gizmo...

As some of you may know, last month I was catapaulted to the heights of fame and fortune by being interviewed for ITV Wales' 'Fishlocks Wales'. The theme for the programme was left handedness, as a left handed guitar maker I was asked to explain the differences between left and right handed guitars and why there aren't more left handed guitarists etc... One question stuck in my mind 'are there and left handed tools you use?' My answer was no; I get by pretty well with normal equipment, but one tool always catches me out and that's using my vernier calipers.

The are the only hand tool or measuring tool that have to be used right handed- otherwise they are upside down or back to front... not good for reading measurements to two decimal places so an internet search came up with these; the left handed calipers! shown with their dextrous sibling on the latest soundboard. I don't much like the digital readout and the fact you have to remember to turn the thing off everytime but hopefully it'll make life easier... not that it was particularly hard before... stupid whims!

More guitar making stuff next time I promise!